Spoon Boy develops helper applications, tooling and plugins for the Morpheus Cloud Management Platform. Look no further, we've listed them all here.


Webhooks for Morpheus

Using simple YAML configuration, send notifications and share information about Morpheus processes to external applications.


Task Plugin

Script Morpheus automation tasks in Go.


Preprocess JSON files

Switch performs preprocessing on JSON data. Designed to simplify Morpheus option list creation and management, Switch can fetch a target URL and parse it, creating name and value keys in a new JSON file according to the YAML configuration rules provided


Task Plugin

Script Morpheus automation tasks in Node.js. Utilise the latest ECMA standards and NPM modules.


JSON & CSV File Server

Dujour takes static JSON and CSV data files, converts them to JSON where necessary, and hosts each file on a simple queryable REST API.

It supports TLS and data can be hot-reloaded, making automated updates possible.