About Spoon Boy

Spoon Boy is an open source project offering a growing collection of applications, plugins and tooling, mainly for use with Morpheus Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Aimed at the Morpheus user community, and offered as-is and without warranty, Spoon Boy is a personal project by Ollie Phillips of Morpheus Data: a Certified Morpheus Administrator and Certified Morpheus Engineer.

Morpheus CMP is a powerful self-service engine offering enterprise agility, control, and efficiency. It unifies the tools you already use and standardises processes - and UI - for public and private cloud.

Morpheus performs complete application lifecycle management covering provisioning, backup, logging, monitoring, reporting, and access control.

Application Development

Applications and tooling, designed to support and add-value to your day-to-day Morpheus activities.


  • Dujour - A JSON/CSV file server designed specifically to help you surface and maintain data for Morpheus Option Lists.
  • Dozer - Webhooks for Morpheus processes. Send data about Morpheus events as they occur to external applications via webhooks.
  • Switch - A simple application designed to preprocess complex JSON to `name` and `value` keys for use in Morpheus option lists.

Plugin Development

Building on the Morpheus Plugin API, you can find a number of plugins which extend the core Morpheus functionality.


  • Node.js Task - Script your Morpheus automations in Node.js; advantage of modern language syntax and Node modules.
  • Golang Task - Prefer Go? No problem. Take advantage of Go's powerful standard library in your automations.